the story

Ginny & I were introduced to an “atypical life” by our son, Eliot.  His life and leaving changed us in ways we cannot begin to express.  I wrote a book about his life and how God used it to change almost everything we had known and pursued.

Over the last 10+ years, we have lived in community with persons with disability through the work we began through 99 Balloons.  There are five us now as Anders, Hazel, Lena have joined the team.  Though Lena is oldest, she is the newest member of our family as we adopted her from Ukraine when she was five years old.  She has disabilities with titles and names including cerebral palsy and severe autism, but we just call her daughter.

We believe that an atypical life is one that embraces all of the beauty and all of the brokenness as given from the same hand and given out of love.

Here is the story of Eliot and the name “99 Balloons”.

eliot’s blog: the blog we kept during and after the life of our first-born son.

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