atypical:: family vacation [ep. 82]

by Matt Mooney

Matt & Ginny recap their recent family adventures to Disney World including the challenges and triumphs of navigating theme parks, etc. for a family with disability.  They also put forth a roadmap of how folks approach Disney by what they wear.

  • The Excersizer::  Athletic wear.  Mental Approach is “attack it.”
  • The Matcher::  Matching attire.  Mental Approach is “life is over.”
  • The Camper::  Pockets, gear and carabiners.  Mental approach is “will we survive it?”
  • The Royal Family::  Families and adults dressed in costume.  Mental Approach is “I will not grow up.”
    • Disney Prom or Formal:: Dressed to the nines.  Mental Approach is “I thought everyone would be dressed up.”

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