atypical:: marriage matt chat [ep. 57]

by Matt Mooney

Matt & Ginny celebrate 16 years of marriage with a list of 16 lessons from marriage & a few favorite podcast guests:

  1. Do not set your eyes on each other.
  2. The same things that can drive you apart, can strengthen your bond.
  3. Decide to let some of those little things go…and actually let them go.
  4. A grace-filled marriage is a happy marriage.
  5. Sleeping arrangements.
  6. Ride the waves of change.
  7. Not EVERYTHING has to be dealt with in ENTIRETY, RIGHT NOW.
  8. But… it is good to talk about things.
  9. Ginny likes gifts; so buy them!
  10. Marriage is just the start of knowing yourself, the other person & God.
  11. Invest wisely in the million small things (#marriageissanctifying)
  12. Make sure to laugh.
  13. Let her have your sink.
  14. Always be a learner.
  15. Trust leads to intimacy.
  16. Talk through expectations.

Thanks to our special guests Hazel Mooney, Cary Murphy, John Ray, Amber Haines & Karly Tornatore!

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