atypical:: matt chat [ep. 60]

by Matt Mooney

Matt & Ginny discuss many different topics in this summer preview including:

  • the Wal-Martians invasion of 2017
  • Fidget Spinners
  • a summer rant on children’s usage of the word “bored”
  • RompHim- a Kickstarter for the male romper
  • Donate here to get Matt to wear a male romper

If you have a summer rant, please phone it in to the atypical line:  501-5479448

Interview ideas for the podcast?  leave it in a comment on their Instagram accounts or follow along this week as they document the wal-martians…

:HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN “the atypical podcast”  FIDGET SPINNER:

  • Grab coins (as few as two or as many as 6)
  • Place coinage in your pocket
  • Place hand in pocket
  • Rattle coins around
  • When folks inquire, let them know you are playing with your “the atypical podcast” fidget spinner

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