Ginny leads the way with discussion topics and pointless passions as her & Matt weave their way through the following:

  • Their impending family trip to Disney.
    • Follow their Disney vacay on instagram (or don’t).
    • Ginny// Matt
  • Claims that young mothers are living in the age of the diva.
  • Ginny’s feelings on Wal-Mart and a new way they are better serving persons with disability (and her).
  • Matt’s recent trip to Uganda and 99 Balloons’ global work with persons with disability.

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Ginny & Matt discuss family, life and more- including a Peruse the News section of walking through the news and dropping some opinions along the way:

Travel help for families with special needs::  Trippin’ With Jamie


atypical:: best of…. vol. 2 [ep. 79]

Matt & Ginny continue their “Best of…” episode with rest of their favorites of 2017. Technology/ Items/ Products:: Matt: Bluetooth phone connection to car. Tiles Lululemon Pant coffee maker Ginny: Nest in-door cameras Apple headphones Lush- Curly Wurly  

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atypical:: best of… vol. 1 [ep. 78]

It’s part 1 of the annual BEST OF… from Matt & Ginny as they make their way through books, music, headlines & the best podcast m Podcast Favorite = 5 +5 = 10 (Lena’s story) Ginny:: Steve Graves Christmas Questions Matt:: Tish Harrison Warren Heather Avis Kyle Strobel Books This year’s favorite author = Frederic Buechner […]

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atypical:: Christmas Questions [ep. 77 ]

Matt & Ginny ask the same 5(ish) Christmas questions to kids & adults- only after putting each other on the hot seat with a Christmas question as well. Music::  Ceola- Happy Christmas Sound::  jingle-bells (credit)

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atypical:: It’s beginning to look alot… [ep. 76]

Matt & Ginny discuss Roy Moore’s horse, Christmas lights & Matt takes a mic to his mom’s house to discuss Christmas with her- while she cooks peach bread. Matt’s letter to the grandparents Episode 47 about Lena’s life Twitter::  Roy Moore’s Horse Music:: Happy Christmas (Ryan & Brooke Ceola) Mosaic Worship Team

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