This week we talk with Mike Erre about all sorts of things including politics, sexuality & failure.  Mike is a voice calling the church to be a place where folks can work out their brokenness instead of being made to feel as though they must hide it.



Here’s the video I referenced of Mike speaking about his son, Seth.

Mike is a pastor, teacher, and author of several books. He is voice behind the VOX Podcast and the founding pastor of VOX Christian Community. He also helps lead OC United, a nonprofit in North Orange County, California focused on uniting the church and unleashing compassion. Mike can be found online on Facebook and Twitter. Mike has published five books; the latest is entitled, “Astonished: Recapturing the Awe, Wonder and Mystery of Life with God.

[** the 92% statistic Mike referenced has been disputed by newer research as of late. ]



the atypical podcast:: episode 1

We’re kicking off with a series entitled unmentionables– a few interviews with folks discussing issues & topics not often heard within the walls of the church. Join us for the first podcast as I, Matt Mooney, interview Lindsey Nobles on the topic of being single in the church.  If I sound a bit lethargic, have […]

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Summer is here.  At 5, 6 and 8 we got rascals riding bikes and swimming at a skill level whereby we are not in constant stress.  I told Ginny sometime some summer not long ago that I was done going to pools.  With 3 that cannot swim alone, I can only act like I’m listening […]

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weekends with rascals

I’ve worked hard to develop a new habit of carving out Monday mornings to sit and think and pray and grasp for some semblance of sanity before I cannonball into the week that will eat my lunch if I let it.  It’s a rebellious act of counter-intuition as weekends are supposed to be the very […]

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The Surface Dialogue Guidebook

We’ve reached that point in these beloved Ozarks where we’re just all waiting around for the good weather.  We get all four seasons here; just enough of winter to know we don’t want to move north; which we needed no help knowin’.  Being bone-tired of Ole Man Winter being a hanger-on is all you’re allowed […]

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shifting gears

I often look at my backside in the mirror. I move quickly past the place that you imagined I was seeking and find the splotchy spot just above the bend of my right leg.  It’s my biggest scar- remnants of days I spent riding my Honda 80 dirt bike for hours on end along the […]

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