The sun is coming out, the birds are singing & Matt and Ginny talk you through their preview of fashion, books and tv shows.  Diversions and distractions abound as they also help you with your March Madness bracket and personal fashion choices.



Spring Book List:

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The President is Missing– Bill Clinton & James Patterson
The Merry Spinster– Mallory Ortberg
Brave– Rose McGowan

The Path Between Us– Suzanne Stabile
Grateful– Diana Butler Bass
Inspired– Rachel Held Evans
Everybody Always– Bob Goff
A Gospel of Hope– Walter Bruggeman
Essential Teachings– Richard Rohr
The Very Worst Missionary– Jamie Wright


Matt & Ginny recap their recent family adventures to Disney World including the challenges and triumphs of navigating theme parks, etc. for a family with disability.  They also put forth a roadmap of how folks approach Disney by what they wear.

  • The Excersizer::  Athletic wear.  Mental Approach is “attack it.”
  • The Matcher::  Matching attire.  Mental Approach is “life is over.”
  • The Camper::  Pockets, gear and carabiners.  Mental approach is “will we survive it?”
  • The Royal Family::  Families and adults dressed in costume.  Mental Approach is “I will not grow up.”
    • Disney Prom or Formal:: Dressed to the nines.  Mental Approach is “I thought everyone would be dressed up.”


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