in the midst

by Matt Mooney

Tomorrow my beloved and our three amigos will pile into Big Red and we will point that bad boy north; our annual summer voyage to Petoskey, Michigan takes about 14.5 hours according to the Google. But Google is a liar; we hustle to do it in double time.

Ginny will bring out the crafts, games and ideas she has been piecing together since last year’s trip. She will patiently answer each and every question, move to the back to pick up of dropped toys and employee ninja-fairy mind tricks to keep the kids from asking how much longer.

I will insert headphones and pull up This American Life before we’ve hit the city limits. I will pretend I am on a motorcycle. It is black and vintage and I am handsome.

And at some unknown but definite-occurring point in time, I will pull out only my right headphone- it will require a firm tug as it will be firmly embedded and somewhat melted into my outer-ear from hours of listening. I will look in the rearview mirror. I tell Ginny to stop. I will tell the kids they are on their own. Their mother is done catering to their ever-increasing needs. I will inform them that there is nothing they can say or do that will make us arrive any faster- so they might as well get along, stop whining and learn to read. This will only serve to spiral them further into what they sincerely regard as circle of hell- though they cannot articulate that quite yet.

And here’s the deal. I truly can’t wait. For all of it. I’m setting my settings to realistic and what I typed above is 0% hyperbole and 100% fact. I know how it goes now. This is not our first rodeo. And with that comes the knowledge that the memories that we create and the work we put in to interrupting our normalcy is so worth it. If these are the times we will treasure when old, then I am gonna getting a head start, and strive to enjoy it all in the midst instead of just in the memory.

PS Ginny went to Dallas and I told how it all would go. And I was wrong. If you prayed for us, thought about us, or sneezed….thank you. I put instrategy work sufficient for a startup business venture, but Lena did great. The same gal that went on a hunger and thirst fast when mom left the first time, did great. We’re celebrating that one folks.

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