Ginny & Matt attempt a chat in their recovery week from 99 Balloons’ Engage Conference.  They’re talking….

  • Matt’s issues with Christian Conferences
  • Seeking Jesus in times of busy-ness
  • FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) vs FOGO (Fear Of Going Out)
  • & Ginny’s rant on winter’s inability to go away




  • Atlas:: Sleeping At Last


**Tickets and information to come hear Heather Avis speak at our 99 Balloons event in Fayetteville, Arkansas on Saturday, April 14th**


We reach back to our conversation with Heather of Avis- author of The Lucky Few and the momma behind the hugely popular instagram account Macymakesmyday.  Heather is a mom, author, podcaster and advocate for persons with Downs Syndrome and more.


atypical:: matt chat [ep. 84]

We’re talking busted brackets nuns parent/teacher conferences and a rant-laced game of “would you rather…” Engage Conference & 99 Balloons Presents… Heather Avis  Sponsored by:  (this could be you 😉

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atypical:: spring preview [ep. 83 ]

The sun is coming out, the birds are singing & Matt and Ginny talk you through their preview of fashion, books and tv shows.  Diversions and distractions abound as they also help you with your March Madness bracket and personal fashion choices.   NOTES:: Spring Book List: // Southern Living List//  Publisher’s Weekly Most Anticipated List… The […]

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atypical:: family vacation [ep. 82]

Matt & Ginny recap their recent family adventures to Disney World including the challenges and triumphs of navigating theme parks, etc. for a family with disability.  They also put forth a roadmap of how folks approach Disney by what they wear. The Excersizer::  Athletic wear.  Mental Approach is “attack it.” The Matcher::  Matching attire.  Mental […]

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atypical:: the skinny with Ginny [ep. 81]

Ginny leads the way with discussion topics and pointless passions as her & Matt weave their way through the following: Their impending family trip to Disney. Follow their Disney vacay on instagram (or don’t). Ginny// Matt Claims that young mothers are living in the age of the diva. Ginny’s feelings on Wal-Mart and a new […]

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