Tish Harrison Warren is a priest in the Anglican Church in North America. After eight years with InterVarsity Graduate and Faculty Ministries at Vanderbilt and The University of Texas at Austin, she now serves as Co-Associate Rector at Church of the Ascension in Pittsburgh, PA. She writes regularly for The Well, CT Women (formerly her.meneutics), and Christianity Today. Her work has also appeared in Comment Magazine, Christ and Pop Culture, Art House America, and elsewhere. She is author of Liturgy of the Ordinary: Sacred Practices in Everyday Life (IVP). She and her husband Jonathan have two young daughters.


seminary dropout podcast w/ Tish

book:  the tech-wise family 

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Jordan Hurst:: Album [I, Renae]
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Matt and Ginny discuss the theme of VULNERABILITY and other things including….

  • Crazy sports parents & thoughts on a recent scene from 7-year old baseball
  • Matt’s recent trip to the Frederick Buechner Writer’s Workshop.
  • Why we admire the vulnerability of others but hate it in ourselves.

Things Discussed::

Music by….
Jordan Hurst::  Album [I, Renae]
PRE-ORDER June 23rd here ::  FULL RELEASE July 14th
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atypical:: matt chat [ep. 61]

Matt & Ginny sit down to continue their discussions on the NBA playoffs as a motif for life, wal-martians, romphim… as well as ask for your feedback on two important trends that have caught Ginny’s eye: cell phones stored in unmentionables public beard petting Give us your feedback at… Ginny’s Instagram (for Wal-Martian sightings, etc.) […]

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atypical:: matt chat [ep. 60]

Matt & Ginny discuss many different topics in this summer preview including: the Wal-Martians invasion of 2017 Fidget Spinners a summer rant on children’s usage of the word “bored” RompHim- a Kickstarter for the male romper Donate here to get Matt to wear a male romper If you have a summer rant, please phone it […]

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atypical:: Kyle Strobel [ep. 59]

This week Matt & Ginny talk to Kyle Strobel about his recent book The Way of the Dragon or the Way off the Lamb. Kyle Strobel is a professor of spiritual theology and formation at Talbot School of Theology, Biola University and is an emerging voice among evangelicals on spiritual formation, discipleship, and theology. Kyle […]

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the thing about a house…

[No podcast this week due to the realities of boxing up our lives and not being able to find stuff, etc.]                           We are in the midst of moving. Boxes are stacked eye level whereby it is dangerous to walk through them. Especially, […]

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