Matt & Ginny Mooney founded 99 Balloons, an organization working with persons experiencing disability. 99 Balloons refers to what was released at the funeral of their first son, Eliot Mooney- each balloon representing a day he spent on this earth. Among the many gifts Eliot brought his parents, was a passion to help persons with disabilities and their families. They desire to change the story of disability by proclaiming the worth and image-bearing beauty of each and every human being.

What began with starting a small respite night called rEcess in their community has grown into a global movement championing relationships and inclusion for persons with disabilities- with now over 45 rEcess sites across 3 countries. Their story and work have been featured on The Today Show, National Geographic and The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Matt & Ginny now have three children- including a daughter with profound autism.


Matthew is an attorney but has been known to hide that tidbit of information out of fear that you will ask him for free legal advice. He likes to read, talk about his high school basketball skills and wear wireless headphones in public so as to avoid conversations.

In addition to serving with 99 Balloons, Matt speaks, writes and consults in areas related to disabilities and inclusion. He is the author of A Story Unfinished- a book written by Matt about Eliot’s life and the lessons God taught them through their son. His work with 99 Balloons has allowed him to serve in Haiti, Mexico, Ukraine, Uganda, India and more.


  • 99 Balloons [Founder/ Board Member]
  • Ekisa [Board Member]
  • Crystal Bridges Community Access Advisory Committee [2018-22]


  • Attorney [University of Arkansas Law School]
  • PhD Candidate, Aberdeen University.


  • Adjunct Instructor JBU "Disability for Helping Professions" [2020-2022]